[50] He sold off small portions of vibranium to scientific institutions around the world, amassing a fortune which he used to arm himself with advanced technology. "I realized I could use Ross to bridge the gap between the African culture that the Black Panther mythos is steeped in and the predominantly white readership that Marvel sells to," adding that in his opinion, the Black Panther had been misused in the years after his creation.[29]. [82] His sister Shuri is trained as the next Black Panther, with the mantle passing onto her officially after T'Challa awakens from his coma and attempts to recover from his injuries. The plot manages to be convoluted without ever becoming absorbing". Following his war with Doom, T'Challa loses his enhanced abilities only to once again establish a connection with the Panther God. [39], T'Challa then accepted an invitation from Matt Murdock, the superhero Daredevil, to become the new protector of New York City's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. [57] He encounters Daredevil, and reveals to him that he had deduced Daredevil's true identity. T'Challa has been granted the strength and knowledge of every past Black Panther. [164], In the MC2 universe, Black Panther has a son named T'Chaka II, who joined the A-Next as the Coal Tiger. [15] In a 1998 interview, Lee explained his motivation: "I wasn't thinking of civil rights. Don [McGregor] and company did it in only 17 story pages per issue.[18]. In one comic book storyline, the Black Panther mantle is handled by Kasper Cole, a multiracial New York City police officer. 1 #1 (March 1993) by Roy Thomas (scripts) and Herb Trimpe (drawings). Later, M'Baku adds that he, not T'Challa, should have taken the trial. Monarch of the secluded but technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda, King TChalla is the Black Panther; a sacred title that must be both inherited & earned by the current Wakandan ruler. S'Yan The Fast first appeared in Black Panther Vol. Black Panther states to them that he doesn't know how they got their powers and that they are not the Squadron Supreme as he even asked if they trust Phil Coulson. 80–71)", "ComicsAlliance Presents The 50 Sexiest Male Characters in Comics", "Djimon Hounsou Roars as the Black Panther", "New York Comic Con 2009: Marvel/BET Black Panther Panel Live Blog", "Avengers: United They Stand Comic and Episode Summaries", "Comics Continuum by Rob Allstetter: Thursday, April 16, 2009", "Voice Of Black Panther / T'Challa - Marvel Universe franchise | Behind The Voice Actors", "Avengers Assemble S5 Retitled Avengers: Black Panther Quest", "Marvel just released an extremely intriguing cast list for Disney+'s animated What If…? [68] T'Challa preserves his rival's life rather than allowing him to die. Brian was kidnapped by his doctor, Dr. Holman, at the behest of Nicolae who wanted to use someone who received a dose of Vlad's power. He then studied abroad for a time before returning to his kingship. When Coulson summons the Squadron Supreme of America, they plan to arrest him. [166], In the alternate-reality Ultimate Marvel imprint, the Black Panther is T'Challa Udaku, a young man who is experimented on in the Weapon X program before being liberated by Nick Fury. [143] Black Panther was later seen with Red Hulk and Taskmaster in Chicago spying on some Ultron Sentinels. Prior to Death", "Marvel Announces Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Inhumans, Avengers: Infinity War Films, Cap & Thor 3 Subtitles", "Chadwick Boseman to Star in Marvel's Black Panther", "Black Panther Director Explains T'Challa's Powers", "Joe Robert Cole Nearing Deal to Write 'Black Panther' for Marvel (Exclusive)", "Ryan Coogler to Direct Marvel's 'Black Panther, "Doctor Strange IMAX Preview Teases a Marvel Cinematic Multiverse", "Black Panther Officially Part of Avengers: Infinity War", "Marvel Knights: Wolverine vs. Sabretooth", "The Official Site for Marvel Movies, Characters, Comics, TV, & More", "Disney XD to Showcase Marvel Video Comics", "Touring the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Universe", "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Returns!

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