I had the 2 seater bench passenger seat fitted and Rhino Lining sprayed on the vans floor - turned out to be a great move. Im 70kgs, 175cm tall, so im a small lad. Don't buy VW - great to drive & good fuel economy - unreliable & expensive - not built to last. Rear brakes wear out 3:1 to the front brakes , Good points it drove nice in between those problems. But wait it gets worse. 14 hours of highway driving on one tank. It broke a fan belt which doesn't sound to bad, but the fan belt mad its way into the cam belt. Thoroughly recommended. Driving at a minimum of 4 hours a day up to 14 hours. All these items cause back pain for your passenger. The interior are all made of soft and durable plastic/rubbers (if you can see the difference). Is this a Glow plug problem? Please get a decent browser here or there, 140TDI diesel returns to Tiguan Allspace range, Time to celebrate the 70,000th Amarok sale, Tiguan Proline chosen for elite paramedics, Volkswagen's website is having an Easter egg hunt, Amarok V6 580S: unlimited style, in limited numbers, T-Cross brings Euro class in a compact package, Volkswagen expands its online ordering capability, Touareg V8 is the premium performance choice, Amarok XL and XXL conversion range on sale now, Volkswagen’s hand painted Golf R Final Edition, California Beach Limited Edition sells out online in nine hours, Limited edition California and Multivan hit Australian shores, Third consecutive dealer auction sells out, The Great Inland Way: Undara, the outback and beyond, The Great Inland Way: Drone Disaster and Carnarvon Gorge, The Great Inland Way: The Outback Art Trail, The Great Inland Way: Chasing waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands, Driving the Central Coast Plateau Harvest Trail, The Great Inland Way: Orange to Jenolan Caves, The wild and rugged West Coast of Tasmania, A Lovely Little Time in Launceston, Tasmania, Back to the Beginning – Mandurah, Fremantle and Perth, Animal Attraction with the Tiguan Allspace. - Im going to have to sell my T5 - im now scared to drive it as expensive things keep breaking at 170 000km. published 3 years ago. From a high output 4 cylinder turbo diesel variant to bi-turbo engines with masses of grunt — all combined with exceptional fuel efficiency — there’s a TDI engine to fit everybody’s needs. Great work horse.Fully loaded & kitted out service van, carries over 1T everywhere and handles it perfectly.Manual, drives like a car, excellent fuel economy, and enough power for a work van.Very easy to get around, neat interior, comfortable seats, big door pockets etc.Had this one nearly 6 years with no issues whatsoever.Will be replacing it with the same when required. So unless they fix this issue, buyer beware. Has cost me a lot of money to get physio after long drives for work. Apparently, something flicked up off the road damaging the fan belt. Been setup as a full camper and is awesome for that reason, one of the only vans this size where you don’t have to get out of the van to access the rear, great in rainy weather. I have a 2009 VW Transporter T5 TDI. Gearbox went at only 120,000 kms. Never, ever again. No oil consumption yet, Since many mothers tend to spout selfless phrases like ‘please don’t spend any money on me,’ Christmas is a great opportunity to spoil your Mum. I have used Molycote injection cleaner to no avail. However, the service and reliability of their vehicles, are appalling. At 34,000klm had problems with the power steering. Volkswagen’s cutting-edge diesel engines feature diesel particulate filters for reduced potentially harmful particulate emissions into the environment. Replaced our T4 with a new T5 4 years ago. For the car itself, if you are sick of boring commercial vans, the Transporter is the only van you can have some personalities. Super practical. No answers. Lacks power but for a 2 liter what do u aspect. It wrapped around a cog and caused the engine to go out of time. got a KN filter pod , makes me giggle every gear change, ( sounds like a blow off valve) :) Car is a lemon. The van has 455,000km on the clock and has been looked after well. It's solid, excellent finished. This was fixed immediately with a recall by VW at no cost to me. Ran superbly but developed short pause in trans between 2nd and 3rd at 150k kms. In a nutshell, i have a love hate relationship with VW's. rattling in the twin clutch area now at 165000km's no worries ,this is my third VW Van, first one was a 1974 T2 Factory camper 1800 Auto, second one was a 1976 "African 2.0 litre twin carb manual 14 seater, Totally reliable.I could pull the engine out of either in 1/2 an hour, no problems. My main question is: how can the German engineers at VW, design a commercial van without the engine under shielding. A major issue was the clutch master cylinder has died at about 50K, had the run around till fixed (2nd attempt) If oil not visibly leaking anywhere mine was getting blown out of one of the turbos ( tdi 400 bi turbo)the main larger one, I brought a new t5 2015 4 motion 2 liter twin turbo duel cab. Further details in the disclaimer. The 2.0 TDI Common Rail engine is based on previous version - the 2.0 TDI PD engine.This new engine belongs to the EA189 family (VW Emission scandal), which including the 1.6 TDI engine and 3-cylinder 1.2 TDI … I am still waiting to receive word of what is happening with repairs and its been 2 weeks. appened next. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview.com.au may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. 250k kms need a crack in the exhaust manifold welded, air-con compressor at 260k(it was black with a sunroof and air con ran n... early constantly), and alternator at 280k km. The 2.0-liter TDI was the first Volkswagen diesel engine with four valves per cylinder used in 2004 Golf, Passat, and another vehicle. PRO:Everything I was missing in the 2009 model, cruise control, power, better stopping power. Driving at a minimum of 4 hours a day up to 14 hours.Pros:*Great fuel economy. (even retained the new airbag installed by vw from the recall) i can help anyone with info if keen on doing any of this. Hard-working yet refined, powerful, economical and enduring: Volkswagen’s family of TDI turbocharged diesel engines commands every superlative. My T5 has 47,000kms. Which has you sitting in an angled. Try a ford transit passenger seat obviously passenger seat comfort is a secondary thought in vans most of the ones I have owned had horrible passenger seats, If oil not visibly leaking anywhere mine was getting blown out of one of the turbos ( tdi 400 bi turbo). VW T5 140 PS ? It frequently pulled heavy loads of paper....we are printers. Not joking! Already at 78,000 kms, i've had my seat belt replaced due to ripping, automatic gear lever replaced due to internals breaking (not allowing the changing of gears) and multiple globe replacements. See the Best Utes in 2020 as rated by Australians on ProductReview.com.au. Nice place to be in day by day. My vw transporter is losing oil and lost a lot of power. Took to local VW dealer who had done all servicing and after diognosis was told to bring it back in 1 week to have trans replaced under good-will, 50k kms out of warranty. You can not move the passenger seat forward, backward or tilt. Share. The Volkswagen TDI family boasts an impressive range of turbocharged diesel units across its entire range. *Good interior. It's a very annoying. The drive shaft is only stocked in the Philippines not Australia. Pulling power . Apart from those, van is So Far So good. All this, in turn, should lead to cost savings on maintenance, servicing, and running costs. After driving my previous Hi Ace the VW was like a really comfortable powerful reliable car to drive. Grip will be significantly improved with firm but still comfortable ride. See all Volkswagen Utes. ............................................................ VW Transporter T5 Maintenance Schedule & Service Intervals.

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